Meirav Aharon – Urban Sociologist

img of meirav

Meirav earned her first (1998), second (2001) and third (2007) degrees at the department for Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University. She conducted her first postdoc (2007) at the Hebrew University and her second postdoc (2008) at Columbia University. She is Fulbright (twice) and Marie Curie award scholar. Head of a Research Group, Mediterranean Urbanism, Bottom-up Research, Van Leer Institute. Research fellow at the “Designing Safer Urban Spaces (DESURBS)” FP7 EU.

Field of interest: Urban sociology, Ethnicity and multiculturalism critic, Social mobility, Ethnography in cities, Cities of immigration, Aging in\and cities (aging in place), Med-cities (Mediterranean urbanism) Terror and cities (safe cities), Intergenerational housing