2008 – Postdoc – Sociology, Columbia University, NY

2007 – Postdoc – Sociology and Anthropology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

2006 – PhD       – Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University

2001 – M. A.     – Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University Magna cum laude

1998 – B.A       – Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University Magna cum laude



2011–2012  – Adjunct teaching associate, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.

2009–2012  – Adjunct teaching associate New York University at T.

2009, 2010  – Adjunct, Department of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design,

2005, 2007  – Israel; M.Urb.Des (Graduate program in Urban Design).

2005,2010  – Adjunct, Department of Sociology, Second degree program, Ben Gurion University in the Negev.

2008–2009  – Adjunct, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

2007–2008  – Visiting scholar, Department of Sociology, Columbia University, NewYork.

2005–2006  – Fellow, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.


2009–2010  – Manager-The Center for Mediterranean Culture and Urbanism, Bat-Yam.


Courses taught (last 3 years)

2011–2012  – Urban and Regional Planning, Technion–Israel Institute of Technology–”Sociology for planners”

2009–2011  – Department of Architecture Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, M.Urb.Des (Graduate program in Urban Design) ―”Sociology of the city”.

2009-2011  – New York University at TLV ―Away from home: “qualitative Research Methods”

2009-2011  – Ben Gurion University, MA program ―”Visual anthropology”.

2007-2010  – Department of Architecture, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Instructor “Architect as a researcher of culture and society “


Research interest

  • Urban sociology
  • Ethnicity and multiculturalism critic
  • Social mobility
  • Ethnography in cities
  • Cities of immigration


2010 – 2012  – Mediterranean Urbanism, Bottom-up Research, research group leader at the Van Leer Institute, NIS 100,000.
A multidisciplinary, bottom up exploration of current issues in urbanism in Israel in an effort to establish an Israeli school of urbanism that expresses the complexity of the urban situation in the middle east.

2010 – 2014  – DESURBS – Designing Safer Urban Spaces, funded by FP7 of the EU € 460,000.
Planning, (re)design, and (re)engineering of urban areas to make them less vulnerable and more resilient to security threats. Head of the team: Prof. Mike turner, Department of Architecture Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

2009            – Border Street – Anna Lindh Foundation, EU Restore Trust, Rebuild
Bridges € 35,000.
A study of a mixed urban environment in the heart of a metropolis – case study of the border street between Bat Yam and Jaffa that embodies an ethnic conflict between Jews and Arabs in light of intensive development.
About the foundation: Since its launch in 2005, the Anna Lindh Foundation has launched and supported action and research across fields impacting on mutual perceptions among people of different cultures.

Professional Practice

Planning/consulting and management

2007 – 2012  – Consultant, Israel Ministry of Defense – the relocation of the military high-tech units to the Negev. Investigation of issues concerning organizational culture and human recourses. My duty is to shape a planning policy of the technological campus and HR future policy.

2009            – Research and Planning – Re-planning the center of a kibbutz (with architects Yuval Yasky and Shmuel Groag).

2011            – Research and Planning – Holon municipality, a master plan for the elderly population (Together with Do-Et).

2008 – 2010 – Manager – Establishing urban research institute for Bat Yam Municipality. Among the institute’s projects: educational model of urbanism and gender and city.


“Fine Tuning: A war musical movie” – 2010 David Noy (Cinemax Production) and Meirav Aharon. Sponsored by channel 1 The Israeli TV (100,000 $). Presented at RAI Film Festival, Royal Anthropological Institute London (June 2011).

About the orchestra: this is a unique cultural enterprise of second generation Moroccan Jews, establish in the city of Ashdod. The logic of the enterprise was to revitalize the Andalusian music as a high culture due to the state criteria and conventions.

“Nobody’s Slave: The story of Palestinian work immigrants” 2001
presented at Humboldt University conference, “Identities in the Age of Modernity”, Berlin (2002)



M.A Thesis
Aharon Meirav (2002) work, land: the story of Palestinian work migrant in Israel. Tel Aviv University
PhD Thesis
Aharon Meirav (2006) Planning and Living in the Modern National City: the limits and limitations of Israeli citizenship in 2000. Tel Aviv University

Books, Chapters in Books and Special Issues

  1. Aharon, M (2012)  – The Israeli Andelousian Orchestra‖ the Encyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World Rachel Simon (ed) Princeton University Press. Accepted for publication

  2. Aharon Meirav (2012) Med-cities, Forthcoming in: Van Leer, Hakibutz Hameuchad (in Hebrew)

  3. Aharon M. (2011)  – the Israeli City as Sociological Phenomena‖ In: Yagil Levy and Sarig Ety (eds) Local Authority in Israel, Open University Press. Invited chapter (in Hebrew)

  4. Aharon, M.(co-editor with Gal Levy) (2010) NYU/TLV  – Narratives, Situations, Places‖ Journal of New York University in Tel Aviv. Issue 1 August 2010 (in Hebrew).

  5. Aharon-Gutman, M (2009)  – We Pay our Taxes and Serve in the Army‖ Toward a Critique of Multiculturalism in Israel”. In: Avi Sagie and Ohad Nachtomy (eds) The Multicultural Challenge in Israel. Boston, M.A: Academic Studies Press.

  6. Aharon-Gutman, M (2008)  – Social photography as War photography‖: New ways to learn the
    world of poor people. Back Yards, Bezalel Academy of Arts Book publication (in Hebrew)

  7. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2006). “The Oriental’s point of view” In: Abutbul, Motzafi-Haller, Grinberg (eds), Mizrachi’s voices: a New Discourse on Society and Culture in Israel. Masada Press (in Hebrew)

Refereed publications (journals)

  1. Aharon, M (2012)  – Just like democracy: ethnography of real-politic in a city of immigrants. Journal of Levantine Studies Vol. 2 No. 1 pp.71-93

  2. Aharon, M (2012) ” Riding the Culture Train: Ethnography of a Plan for Social Mobility through Music‖ (Accepted for publication) Cultural Sociology.

  3. Aharon, M (2010)  – The iron cage of ethnicity‖ Israeli Sociology 12(1): 181-210 (Hebrew with an English abstract)

  4. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2009)  – It will be quiet enough when we’re dead – now is the time to live‖: Between planning the modern city and living in it. Planning Theory and Practice 01(2): 202-220

  5. Aharon-Gutman, M (2009).  – The day the sun rises in the west  – ethnography of a peace process‖. International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 22(1): 41-55

  6. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2008). “Classic, Mizrachi Orchestra”, Theory and Criticism 33: 131-159 (Hebrew with an English abstract)

  7. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2008). “Triumph of the system: on De-mocratization in planned migrant city”. Israeli Sociology 9(2): 413-441 (Hebrew with an English abstract)

  8. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2004). “Border people: the story of Palestinian work migrant at the Age of Oslo”. Israeli Sociology 6(2): 119-149 (Hebrew with an English abstract)

Papers Submitted

  1. Aharon M (2013) Playing (A)-Part: Thinking poly-cultural societies after multiculturalism, submitted to Israeli Studies

  2. Aharon, M. Sender, Amir (2013)  – Is the Incentive Inciting?  – On Money, Motivation, and Paradoxes in a Military High-Tech Organization‖ Submitted to Armed forces and Society.

  3. Aharon, M Ganor T. – From border line to border zone: on Terror and social construction of space in the city of Jerusalem” submitted to Making cities more resilient Urban Design and Planning special issue, spring 2014 editors: Lee Bosher, Cassidy Johnson

  4. Aharon, M. “Memory as an act of urban resilience: urban culture of security at the city of Jerusalem” submitted to Making cities more resilient Urban Design and Planning special issue, spring 2014 editors: Lee Bosher, Cassidy Johnson

Papers in preparation

  1. Cohen, N. Aharon, M.  – The Factory is all we have in this Town‖:”The Politics of Citizenship at Work in the Israeli Periphery”

  2. Aharon, M. Yasky, Y. Groag, S.  – “Rethinking the kibbutz public space at the age of privatization”

Refereed publications in professional journals

  1. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2005). “Quality of life” and “Life” in the Modernist Plan City” Planning – Journal of the Association for Environmental Planning in Israel, 2(1): 55-74. (Hebrew with an English abstract)

Refereed publications in Hebrew (conference proceedings)

  1. Aharon-Gutman, M. (2004). “The train, the track and the people on the platform” Sderot Conference for Society and Economy – Annual Publication.

Refereeing Activities

Occasional Reviewer for Journals

  • Journal of ethnic and migration study
  • Mobilities
  • Urban Design International
  • Israeli sociology
  • Gilui Da’at

Occasional Reviewer for Research Proposal

  • Israeli science foundation (ISF)



International conferences

2011 June      – International festival of ethnographic films: Fine tuning. London, UCL

2010 Nov.      – The cross-cultural city: urban context and cultural diversity, Van Leer Institute, The The Mediterranean city: Master class.

2008 Apr.2    – Workshop on North Africa and the North African Diaspora, ―”Reclaiming Ethnic Identity: Ethnography of a plan for social mobility” Princeton University

2008 Apr. 29  – Fourth Annual Inter-Ivy Sociology Symposium (IISS), “Who Will Subsidize Our Emotional World?” Toward a Critique of Multiculturalism Princeton University

2008 May      – Annual Association for Israel Studies Conference (AIS) Talk title: “Ethnic Classical Orchestra From ‘Appropriate Culture’ to Cultural Appropriation”. New York City

2008 May      – Middele East and North Africa Workshop, Columbia University (MENA) Talk title: “Reclaiming Ethnic Identity: Ethnography of a plan for social mobility”

2007 Nov.      – American Anthropological Association (AAA). Washington, DC. Talk title: -“And how much will you give to multi-culturalism?”: Toward a critique of neo-liberal multi-culturalism

2006 Dec.     – From Urban Heterogeneity to Multiculturalism: Envisioning the City in th Global Era. Ashdod, Israel. Chairperson: “Urban Politics in Highly Planned Immigrants’ City”. Talk title: ” Triumph of the System: on De-mocratization in planed migrant city”. Second talk: “Can we talk about multiculuralism in Israel”?

2006 Nov.     – American Anthropological Association (AAA) “Critical Intersection/ Dangerous Issues”. San Jose, California. Talk title: “Separately together: Action of commemoration – from below‖ as critically assessing the concept of multiculturalism”.

2005 May     – Globalization, Unification and European Cities International workshop (Ben Gurion University, Discussant – “Berlin: From divided into fragmented city”.

2005 March   – Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations (EUROFOR) Multi-Level Governance of Immigration Flows, – Planning and living in the modern National City‖ Athens, Greece

2004 June     – Association for Israeli Studies (AIS), Annual Conference. Jerusalem, Israel. Talk title:”Separately Together”: living the modern national city.

2001 Apr.      – Humboldt University conference, “Identities in the Age of Modernity”, Berlin. Talk title: Border People: the story of the Palestinian work immigrants in the age of Oslo”.

2001 May.     – Association for Israeli Studies (AIS), Annual Conference, Washington D.C. Talk title: Work, Land: “The Story of Palestinian Work Immigrants in the Age of Oslo”.

Conferences in Israel:

2012             – Israeli Association of Planners Annual conference, Haifa, What we will do if we won’t work here?: on work crisis in company town‖ (together with Dr. Nir Cohen)

2006             -Israeli Anthropological Association, annual conference, Ashdod. Chair person “Israeli Place: between planed authenticity and authentic plans”. Talk title: “oriental, classic orchestra”.

2005             -The Israeli Anthropological Association, Annual conference,
“Life Today in the “City of Tomorrow”.

2004             -Geography Annual conference annual conference.
“Nationalism and Ethnicity in the National modern City”.

2004             -The institution for studding Zionism, Tel Aviv University, Annual conference. “Planning and living the modern national city”.

2004             -The Israeli Sociological Society’s annual conference. Critical perspective on the notion of periphery (chair). Presenting a paper: “Municipal colonialism: Ethnography in the Likud branch – Ashdod”.

2004             -Interdisciplinary perception on cities in Israel. Bezalel Academy of Are and Design. Department of Architecture. Presenting a paper: “Separately Together”: living the modern national city.

2003             -The Israeli Anthropological Association, annual conference, Newe Ilan, Israel. “Practices of Resistance”(Chair).
Presenting a paper: “from national modern city to the Mediterranean city?”

Curator Of Photo Exhibition: ―”In and between the lines”

2003             -The Israeli Sociological Society’s annual conference, Beit Berl, Israel. Between cooperation and resistance: Palestinian migrant workers in the Age of Oslo “.

2002             -The Israeli Sociological Society’s annual conference, Haifa, Israel. Border People: the story of the Palestinian work immigrants in the age of Oslo”.

2001             -The Israeli Anthropological Society’s annual conference, Tel Aviv, Israel. Work, Land – “The Story of Palestinian Work Migrant at the Age of Oslo”.

2001             -Tami Steinmetz Research Institute for Peace Studies, Annual Conference, Jerusalem, Israel. Presented visual text ―”Nobody’s Slave”.

2001             -The Israeli anthropological Society’s annual conference, Tel Aviv, Israel. Work, Land: “The Story of Palestinian Work Immigrants at the Age of Oslo”.

2000             -The Israeli Sociological Society’s annual conference, Tel Aviv, Israel. Breaking Rules: “The way things work” (Chair and panel organizer).

2000             -Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, Israel. “Mizrachic Identity in the Public Discourse”.



To the public

2003 – 2007  – Founder and Board Member, “Im Tirztu”: Science and Arts Community Center for mothers and childrens.

2001 – 2002  – Director, “Summer University for Teenagers”, Tel Aviv University. Promoting academic education for youth from peripheral regions.

1996 – 1998  – Coordinator, Perach Project‖, Tel Aviv, Israel. Mentoring children from disadvantaged families.

1997 – 1998  – Volunteer, “The Society for Fighting Cancer” annual fund raising campaign.

1995 – 1998  – Instructor, “Israel Yafa” Learning Center. Urban and environmental ecology course.

1995 – 1996  – Tutor of Biology, “Perach Project” Tel Aviv, Israel. Tutoring children from disadvantaged families.

Honors and Awards

2007 – 2008  – Fulbright award: Post-doc Fellowship

2005             – Marie-Curie prize by the European Research Forum on Migration and Ethnic Relations (EUROFOR). Excellence award for young researchers to present their work at series of conference that bring together academia and policy makers

2005            – Women’s Group Fellowships of the Mexican Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Post-doc scholarship.

2005            – Horvitz Foundation: Scholarship for outstanding Ph.D Research in the Fields of Economy and Society.
Founded in 1971 in honor of David Horowitz, former Governor of the Bank of Israel, and architect of Israel`s plan for financial assistance to developing nations, this institute encourages research on issues relating to social and economic development.

2004            – The social science Dean Award: Scholarship for Outstanding PhD Students. Tel Aviv University

2004            – Jonathan Shapiro Fund: Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate student (PhD)

2003            – Fulbright Award: PhD Student Grant. Supporting PhD students at Israeli university travelling to the state for professional meetings.

2002            – The Israeli Sociological Society’s Award for outstanding graduate student thesis, presented at the Israeli Sociological Society’s Annual Conference.

2001            – Heinrich Boell Fund: Scholarship for outstanding graduate student. The Heinrich Boell Stiftung has been funding projects in Israel since 1992. funded by the German government. The Heinrich Boell Stiftung is an intellectually open, civic organization The work in Israel takes place in the complex and multidimensional context of German-Jewish relations, German-Israeli relations and the Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Arab conflict.

2001            – Jonathan Shapiro Fund: Scholarship for outstanding graduate student (M.A), The department of Sociology and Anthropology, Tel Aviv University. Jonathan Shapiro was the founder of the sociology department in Tel Aviv.

2003            – Sapir foundation: Awarding excellence grants at the field of local government

2000            – Tami Steinmatz Research Institute for Peace Studies: Scholarship for outstanding graduate student.

The purpose of the Center, established in 1992, is to promote systematic research and thinking on issues connected with peacemaking processes and conflict resolution.


Memberships (in professional organizations)

2009            – Israel planners association