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“Fine Tuning” – a Musical War Movie –  follows the extraordinary rise and fall of The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, which preserves the exceptional musical heritage of Andalusian melody and Jewish prayer.  This unique authentic musical art form originated in Spanish Andalusia, was passed on orally in Moroccan synagogues from generation by generation, until it finally landed in Israel. But the multi-cultural ensemble is surprising: musicians of Moroccan ethnic origin play the authentic instruments by heart, while the more conventional “classical” instruments are played by Russian immigrant musicians from music sheets. The lead violinist is an Israeli Arab.
The Orchestra achieved success and received the prestigious Israel Prize Lifetime achievement award, but then things went sour, and the film took a turn: The inner tension between the Musicians and the Management led to a Strike… The musicians were fired, and both sides declared war – forming new orchestras and battling for budgets and recognition. For 5 years, throughout the turmoil, the film follows the lead characters until the struggle ends.


Directed by David Noy
Screenwriters: Meirav Aharon & David Noy
Producers: Yoram Ivry & David Noy
Editor: Avi Levy
Cinematographer: Yoram Ivry

Produced with the assistance of:
I.B.A. – Channel 1
Israel Film Service